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About Me
A nerd at heart, I  am driven by the pursuit of visual storytelling and the limitless potential for its expression through the advancement of computers and emerging technologies. From early in my career I have been attracted to the process of solving problems through a creative and technical framework. This perspective has led me to continuously learn new forms of creative expression, the technical abilities to perform them and the restraint to know when and how to use them.

I believe in the unbiased exploration of creative mediums to express ideas, connect with specific audiences and solve marketing problems. In this pursuit, I continue today to expand my knowledge in the fields of web development, animation, music, motion graphics, 3d rendering, film and design. Utilizing my broad skillset, I help others develop their unique story and generate visually compelling content that aligns with their brands identity. I love to tell stories, imbue meaning and present them beautifully. My mission is to help my clients understand their audience, evolve their branding and reach desired target markets.
I'm based in Melbourne, Australia - available worldwide.
Please feel free to contact me using the details below. As I am often on location I will do my best to return your call or email within 24 hours. I look forward to working with you.